Questions and Answers

Here are some of the questions that I've been asked by citizens of Greenville School District and the answers.

Q.  What do you see as the biggest problem with the school board at this time?
A.  Our poll shows that it is communication with the public.  I hope to change that.

Q.  Fred, If the new school is built will it really save any money?
A.  Well, we will be running two buildings instead of five.  That alone should save a lot of money.  Additionally       the new building will use state of the art technology for heating, cooling and lighting.

Q.  I've heard that the reason we need a new school is that the old buildings weren't taken care of, is that true?
A.  Any building that is 100 years old like south has been taken care of or it wouldn't be here now.  The other buildings are of varying ages from 50 years old to 100.  Except for the high school, all were built with older building materials and older building practices.  These buildings are not very forgiving when it comes to updating. The older of the 5 buildings weren't wired for the modern day appliances and teaching equipment we have today.

Q.  So Fred, what do you think will be the most significant thing in a new school if it is built?
A.  The technology, students and teachers alike. will have the latest technology which gives them the tools to compete in today's world.  Secondly the efficiency of the building itself.

Q.  It seems like such a shame to demolish the old buildings, does that have to happen?
A.  The State of Ohio money for the project allows for removal of unneeded buildings but as I understand it, no decisions have been made on that.  It would be up to the Board of Education to make those calls at the proper time.

Check back often, as we get more questions I'll post them here.